1. 45 Things I Want to See More of in Stories (Post-Apocalyptic Edition)

    1. Leftover inconveniences (braces, casts, etc.)
    2. Renewable energy
    3. Creative attempts at fuel
    4. Cooperation
    5. Warlords
    6. Increased infant mortality
    7. Change in hierarchy (laborers more important than white-collar workers, etc.)
    8. New governmental structures
    9. Mercenary groups
    10. Formation of new states
    11. Formation of non-state groups
    12. Regrowth of land
    13. Lack of food security
    14. Reduction in gun usage (as ammunition runs out)
    15. Decrease in age of pregnancy and/or marriage (as life expectancy decreases)
    16. Direct effects of the apocalyptic event
    17. Increased multi-generational homes (as building houses becomes difficult again)
    18. Increased multi-family homes
    19. Attempts at sophisticated surgery with rudimentary tools
    20. Reduction in birth control
    21. General reduction in technology that requires sophisticated manufacturing
    22. Simple food
    23. Handmade clothing
    24. Clothing from animal products
    25. Houses built for natural lighting
    26. Attempted—and failed—swift adjustments to lack of technology
    27. Changes in views of morality
    28. Different types of law enforcement
    29. Changes in religion
    30. Attempted attachment to old societies
    31. Deliberate breakaways from old societies
    32. Attempts to cling on to old ideas of beauty despite changes in available beauty products
    33. Reduction in hygiene
    34. Increase in water-borne illnesses and parasites
    35. Lack of clean water
    36. Reduction in luxury goods
    37. Increase in homelessness
    38. Lack of communication capabilities
    39. Return to radio
    40. Lack of light pollution
    41. Attempted school systems
    42. Return to apprenticeship-style teaching
    43. Return to agricultural-style living
    44. Dealing with environmental fallout from apocalyptic event
    45. Dealing with environmental fallout from previous generations


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    You want the Gone series. This list is a summary of the Gone series.
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    48. Women not being completely shaven and not having professionally done hair (in movies)
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    47. People having their periods.
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